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You need a Sanibel Chiropractor during your travel… Dr. Ludwig is that

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You need a Sanibel Chiropractor during your travel… Dr. Ludwig is that


-Your Sanibel Vacation Chiropractor-


We always look forward to taking a vacation. Getting away from the stress of work, school, and the grind of home life. We like to get to a place with historic significance, a beautiful view, or fun attractions to spice up our lives. This is the good part of vacation. Having a good time on the beach in the sand, enjoying the Florida temperature, and especially the amazing Sanibel/Captiva water. Vacations are a perfect time to decompress, spend precious time with family and friends, and reconnect with your soul. What could possibly stress your body?
Now let’s talk about the downside of vacation. How about so many days of sleeping on a mushy uncomfortable mattress? How about hauling luggage? Sitting in a car for 12 hours? What about those reserved hours of novice water skiing/body dragging lessons, swimming and biking, I MEAN THE LIST GOES ON!
Injuries can happen anytime leading to body stress and pain. Not to mention bottomless mojitos and obligatory trips to buffets. Even getting nasty sunburns and being eaten up by those noseeums. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t take time off. The scenery may change but your nervous system is still hard at work- reacting and adapting to those “relaxing” shifts in routine.
There are three main things that happen on vacation that tend to cause problems when you get home.
1. Travel (Sitting)
2. Sleep (Unfamiliar beds and pillows)
3. Physical Trauma (Doing things you are not used to)

When you travel a long way from home, you tend to sit for longer amounts of time without standing than you normally would. It doesn’t seem to matter how you travel, whether it be by car, plane, or train, you are going to be sitting for a while. You may also be sitting in a crowded seat next to someone that you don’t know. This can cause you to hunch and be a little stressed without a lot of room to stretch out.
Sitting causes our hamstrings to get tight, which can put some strain on our lower back, and keep working up to our shoulders and neck. Sitting can place a lot of stress on the body. Ideally, you could get up to stretch every hour, but when you are traveling by plane, that is not always an option. It kind of defeats the purpose when you are going on a long road trip in the car. Traveling by train may allow for the most movement in your choice of travel.

We typically spend a third of our day sleeping. When we travel, we try to get the most out of our vacation and our sleeping habits may suffer. We also sleep in beds that we are not used to. Then, there is always the pillow situation that can lead to neck strain.
A combination of these things often leads to neck pain, headaches, back pain, and shoulder pain.

Physical Trauma
There are lots of fun things to do on vacation that we don’t do very often. Hiking, water sports, and roller coasters just to name a few. These things can place extra stress on our bodies and cause soreness and pain.

So feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? It’s so important to take time away from work and just relax, but sometimes it’s not always so relaxing…. Chiropractic care can help you feel great while you’re on vacation and get you back into alignment after. What are you waiting for? Call Now! Give Dr. Ludwig a call at (239) 472-2244 and speak to him directly.
Dr. Ludwig works with all locals and visitors (even if you’re in town for a few days).

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Dr. Sudeep Chawla